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CH Luminaries

Oscar Niemeyer, Aaron Swartz, Helen Gurley Brown and more in our tribute to the pioneering figures that we lost in the last year

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Liz McLean Knight's work literally represents the integration of art, technology and design. A Chicago-based computer science major who developed an interest in art, went to art school, became a jewelry designer, …

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James Tichenor

James Tichenor is a digital Renaissance man. As a trained architect he practiced in New York before deciding to go back to school to explore new technologies for materials and prototyping. That …

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Audrey Kawasaki

I was thrown this link the other night. And as I went through it, I was just astounded by how sensual and startling Audrey Kawasaki's work is. It's kinda hot and freaky …

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Berlin-born Luigi Colani, with his trademark moustache, all-white ensembles, and stogie, was the 60s rockstar of design. Since graduating from the Sorbonne where he studied aerodynamics, for over 50 years he's given …

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Ruth Marshall

The highlight from Scope was undeniably Ruth Marshall and her acumen for craft-work combined with a nutty sense of humor. When the Australian born artist isn't at her day job sculpting exhibits …

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Gregory Siff

When Gregory Siff isn't acting in independent films, modeling for Abercrombie, or hosting Disney's Z Games, he's painting, creating installations and sculptures, or customizing Stan Smith adidas. The NYC-born, 27 year-old wunderkind …