How Art is Transforming Medical Education

Art and science (considered by some to be polar opposites) are intrinsically connected in medical humanities, a rising field that’s proving the disciplines are even stronger when paired together. Artist Anne Willieme’s ArtMed inSight, a consulting agency that brings arts classes to medical institutions, is one such program in this field. Willieme’s classes teach medical students, physicians and healthcare workers to enhance their perception and observational skills by working with various artistic mediums. As art often encourages people to view subjects from different angles, the discipline can help students better absorb information in clinical situations, interpret those findings and diagnose patients better. “Art and science have so much in common,” says Willieme. They “are rooted in a sense of wonder about the world, giving form to an understanding of the world, and deal with interpretation as well.” Learn more about this connection at Hyperallergic.

Image courtesy of Anne Willieme