John Kerschbaum’s Epic, Illustrated Map of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Commissioned in 2004 and published in 2007, artist John Kerschbaum’s captivating, hand-drawn Family Map weaves hundreds of artistic highlights into a complete floor plan of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In fact, Kerschbaum depicts every gallery in the institution on one single 18-by-24-inch page. He did so through combining hundreds of reference sketches made through countless visits to the beloved museum. “Each department head gave me 50 of their most important pieces that are almost always on display,” Kerschbaum says to Atlas Obscura. “I’d have a floor plan of the museum and a clipboard, and I’d make notes of where each item was, either by name or a quick sketch.” See the entire map at Atlas Obscura, where you can read even more about its development.