Julie Heffernan


New York City-based painter Julie Heffernan's oils look like they were painted by 17th-century Flemish masters in Antwerp. But no, this Peoria, Illinois-born woman is a contemporary artist that can make the rest of us born in the 20th century proud. Her large-scale compositions use the classical style to touch on psychology, gender, motherhood and class. (Click image for detail.)

Raised in Northern California, Heffernan's lush still-lifes and figurative work has been exhibited around the globe. Next week her oils will be a part of the Mark Moore Gallery's exhibit that's part of this year's PULSE London Contemporary Art Fair in Bloomsbury.

Julie Heffernan
Preview brunch: 11 October 2007, 11am
11-14 October 2007
Mary Ward House
5-7 Tavistock Place
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