Zipcar’s Low-Car Diet


With gas prices at a record high and public transit a cost-effective and greener option, now's a good time to ditch your car. Zipcar is trying to ease the transition with the "Low-Car Diet." Beginning 21 July 2008, they're challenging North Americans to go car-free for a full 30 days. They will replace participants' car keys with a complimentary transit pass, a free one-year Zipcar membership, drive time credit and a number of other perks from local partners. In the New York City area, Zoo York will aid the car-less participants by donating skateboards (pictured).


The events kick off on the 21st with a ceremonial key-drop event at a currently undisclosed location. On 15 August 2008, they'll hold a completion event where people can compare their car-free experiences. Zipcar is offering the "Low-Car Diet" in ten of its American cities, plus Vancouver and Toronto. Current Zipcar members can also participate by sending an email. Get more info and apply by emailing rharmon [at] zipcar [dot] com.