CES 2023: HOLON Brings Electric Autonomous Mobility to the Public

This self-driving vehicle represents a future of more accessible and sustainable mobility

Fully autonomous, self-driving cars are shifting away from a futuristic fantasy and becoming far closer to reality. Though some vehicles already offer an auto-pilot feature in some settings, the driver must still be engaged. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), HOLON—a new brand from BENTELER Group—unveiled their electric autonomous mover built to automotive standards that not only self-drives, but also democratizes who gets to …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Talking to animals, ultra-high-speed public transport, Seoul art fairs and more from around the web

TransPod’s Fully Electric “FluxJet” Transportation System Can Travel 1,000 km/h In development by Canadian mobility startup TransPod to carry passengers and cargo, the FluxJet ultra-high-speed ground transportation system employs contactless power transmission, enabling it to reach speeds of 1000km/h. The FluxJet will travel along the TransPod Line, which is already under construction. Once it is in operation, “it will cost passengers approximately 44% less than …

Woom NOW Bicycle

When it comes to bikes for kids, woom’s purpose-built designs set an impressive standard. The new NOW model for ages six to 14 features a smaller front wheel combined with an innovative, lightweight frame that lowers the front rack’s center of gravity for easier maneuverability. Plus, the eight-speed bike’s integrated front and rear lights, wide handlebars and tires, double fenders and child-sized grips add comfort.