New York Now

New work by some of the city's best and brightest

While we keep Cool Hunting’s scope international, our location in the center of the universe often means only going so far as Brooklyn to find the latest nascent talent. Occasionally, we find work so exemplary that it reaffirms what makes us casually toss off such superlatives. The following—a painter, jeweler and writer—represent not just some of the city’s finest, but those who we’ve watched refine and evolve their work over time. But to say they’ve arrived would discredit the already significant successes to their names; let’s just say they’re here.

New_York_Now_Cerletty.jpg New_York_Now_Cerletty_2.jpg
Mathew Cerletty: Susan

His first solo show in New York since 2007 and his first at up-and-coming gallery Algus Greenspon, Mathew Cerletty’s new body of work consists of seven paintings with interior spaces and home decor as subjects. We previewed some of the work in his studio and can report strong images ranging from still-lifes that play on the strangely appealing photography of furniture catalogs to playful geometric patterns in washed-out pastels—all with the self-aware remove that defines his aesthetic. The focus on physical surroundings nods to the psychological signifiers of his earlier figurative work, while also continuing his “inverse of Pop” practice. Opening this Saturday, 5 November 2011, the exhibition runs through 17 December 2011.


Nikolai Rose

When we recently complimented these jangles around the neck of Justin Miller (the NYC-based DFA DJ), we didn’t even recognize it as the work of creative partnership Nikolai Rose. The brand originally launched with a line of ties, which look better than ever this season, and a single pendant necklace, but it now includes rings, tie bars, pins and even handmade silver buttons that manage to be both incredibly precious and incredibly cute. Our favorite has to be the 32-inch-long chains with lengths of bone or metal. Check Opening Ceremony, Assembly and the Nikolai Rose site to purchase.


Brazilian Style by Armand Limnander

Colombian native and W Magazine editor Armand Limnander (who also earned an M.A. in Latin American Studies) might be uniquely qualified to write a book on Brazil, but after ringing in the new year with him all the way until sunrise, it would seem his singular dedication to fun might be the most winning. The well-edited content consists of full-bleed photos and pithy captions, giving equal time to chic subjects that range from the monster waterfalls in the north to Living legend Oscar Niemeyer’s Copan building, and making an extremely stylish case for a country due to be the focus of so much economic and sporting attention in the near future. Get a copy from Assouline.