NYPL’s “Missing Sounds of New York” Playlist

The latest in a line of digital offerings provided by the New York Public Library, the strangely emotional Missing Sounds of New York exists as an “auditory love letter to New Yorkers.” Beginning with chatter and clanking turnstiles, “To See An Underground Show” features those familiar screeching brakes and a little subway performance, while other tracks include “Serenity Is a Rowdy City Park” and “Romancing Rush Hour.” The audio landscapes of the playlist comprise all the noises many people miss right now—despite how annoying some might have seemed months ago. From the dulcet tones of a street parade and honking horns, to clinking glasses and cutlery, and even the soft clicking of a cab’s turn signal, these sounds will have any city-dweller feeling simultaneously at home and nostalgic. Listen to the album at the NYPL website.