Petah Coyne: Above and Beneath the Skin


Massive and baroque, Petah Coyne's haunting sculptures belie their humble material origins. Using wax, hair, beads, ribbons, bows, and fake flowers, the New York-based artist's work conjures fairytale and myth. Some seem to tell more contemporary stories, like the towering white pleats of "Untitled #978 Gertrude and Juliana (The Whitney Women)," which. pictured after the jump, is featured in her current show "Above and Beneath the Skin" at Albright-Knox in Buffalo through 10 September 2006. Spanning a 17-year career, this is the final stop of the exhibit's year long multi-city tour.

Coyne Untitled978 Whitneywomen

Untitled875 Blackatlanta 1997Cat11