Potential Energy: Book Giveaway Project


by Passa Chattra

Some things in life are still free. "Potential Energy" is a book written by Schist, telling the story of a 30 year-old product designer "struggling to reconcile his role in the creation of useless objects with his wish for a more environmentally sound existence" that the author leaves in various places for people to find. This book explores the power of objects to affect mood, ethical living, literary attack on cliché, the human experience and how best to live—just to name a few themes. Read the rest of the plot on his site.

The book itself (the main star and product of a writer wanting to connect with an audience) is just the beginning. In response to the frustrations and challenges of trying to publish "Potential Energy" (apparently getting an agent or publisher to look at your manuscript can be nearly impossible), Schist has decided to print 1000 copies himself and is dropping them around the world (in interesting places and ways) starting in London, San Francisco and continuing.

His main intention is still to get people to engage with the novel, this is not any kind of publishing stunt. This giveaway was born out of response and a desire for the writer to share his book. With a cover screaming "FREE BOOK. Pick Me Up" it's an open invitation to pick it up and read it, comment on the book via the site, and pass it on to increase readership. Keep on the lookout.

Read more about the book, download it for yourself, see drop off sites and view comments on the Potential Energy site.