Rabbit Hole


A group show at the Sala de Arte Moneda (SAM) in Santiago, Chile, "Rabbit Hole" features installations by Simon Chapman, Patricia Dominguez and Elisita Punto curated by Constanza Guell. The show runs until 27 July 2007 in a gritty part of Santiago. During this cold winter, viewers can step into the gallery and walk into another dimension.

Chapman altered the gallery space by building walls of distorted angles and curves. Meanwhile Dominguez and Punto created two dissonant murals. Dominguez' features low-lying forms of floating rocks with classic perspective. A few rabbits punctuate the rocks, running toward the vanishing point (i.e. running toward infinity). Punto highlighted the subtleties in the wall alterations by painting explosive designs in bright colors. Her Crayola palette sharply contrasts the blacks, grays and browns of Dominguez’s surreal outer space scene. Together, the space is exceptionally dynamic. (Click below image for detail.) Punto, based in NYC but originally from Santiago, called the experience of working with his friends in Chile "electrifying." For more info (in Spanish) and images go here.


Rabbit Hole
8 June-27 July 2007
Moneda 1481
Santiago, Chile