Cool Hunting Video Presents: Gelitin

The Austrian art collective, Gelitin, turns away from homemade roller coasters and nudity to dig a whole in the Coney Island beach

In this episode we go to Coney Island to dig a hole with the four Austrian-based artists known as Gelitin. Part of a
series organized by Creative Time
, the week-long project involved digging a hole in the sand and filling it back in each day. The piece was a relatively tame one for the group whose other performances have included hand-built working roller coasters, a giant knitted rabbit installed in the hills of Italy for 20 years and many other projects involving various states of nudity. But the laid-back mood of the performance (titled “The Dig C*nt”) allowed us to spend some time with quartet on their last day on the beach to talk about their experiences and their general approach to art-making.