Simple Sports

Up your game with the best gear for staying active and having fun

Tossing a frisbee around makes a great way to stay fit and have fun in warmer months, but to keep yourself challenged (and stylish), more and more brands are offering products to inspire the potential Olympian in all of us. With local events like NYC’s community-based Recess (pictured below left), Susan Sarandon introducing her Ping-Pong franchise SPiN across the U.S. and intramural sports leagues on the rise, now’s the time to pick up a new sport.

summersports-recess.jpg summersports-bocce1.jpg

The beauty of bocce is that you don’t need a professional setup for a good time. Any level strip of grass, sand or dirt will do, but a beautifully-appointed set like Haus Interior’s Deluxe Bocce Ball Set ($450) makes the difference.

summersports-soccer1.jpg summersports-football1.jpg

Nike’s new Seitiro Soccer Ball ($150) uses the brand’s GEO II technology with premium foam layers for arguably the most advanced and well-balanced ball available. Perfect for casual pick-up games at the beach or more serious play, this high-tech ball’s graphics are specially-designed to up your game by using graphics more easily seen in the periphery.

Leather Head Footballs ($132) are handcrafted from individually-selected hides of Horween leather. Slightly smaller than the average pigskin, this upscale version will add a little class to the scrimmage at your next picnic.


Badminton, created by British military officers stationed in India in the mid-1700s, makes supremely fun way to keep active even if you don’t have a sprawling estate. Manufactum’s racket (£20) uses bamboo for its superior bending strength. Their feather shuttlecocks (£15), however, keep it traditional with natural feathers for superior flight quality.


Take the leisurely activity of kite flying up a notch with New Tech Kites (average prices run around $70). The award-winning kite-maker offers an extensive collection of sport kites, some with wingspans over six feet wide. Fun for kids of all ages, the more challenging designs are also a great way to train for kite surfing.


Umbra’s portable Pongo Ping Pong Game ($40) allows you to take your table tennis with you anywhere. The easy setup includes two paddles with retractable handles, two balls and drawstring bag.