World Science Festival 2008


Brian Greene is a brilliant physicist who is notorious for the Superstring theory and also because he makes the most mind-bending and fascinating physics concepts accessible and engaging for the average reader (check out his Ted Talk). Combine that talent with the most cutting-edge scientific thinkers and performers of our day and you get the first ever World Science Festival, which will be held in New York City from 29 May-1 June 2008. Among the list of over 40 discussions, exhibitions and performances we've selected a few that promise to be particularly mind-expanding.

On Thursday, 29 May, be sure to check out "Humanity Now/Humanity Next," featuring acclaimed neuroscientist, Vilayanur Ramachandran, and futurist/author Ray Kurzweil. The two will explore the way human brain structures have allowed for the development of special abilities and what lies ahead with artificial intelligence.

Also, be sure not to miss the unique fusion of science and storytelling with "Toil and Trouble… Stories of Experiments Gone Wrong." The New York-based storytelling collective, The Moth, teams up with renowned scientists and writers to tell the tales of crazy science gone awry. It should make for some interesting stories.


And on Friday, 30 May, check out "The Sixth Extinction," a lecture which promises to explore the bizarre life forms that have existed or might soon exist on Earth.

Tickets are available at World Science Festival.