Summit Moves From the High Seas to Downtown LA

The 2017 flagship event will be held this November on a new urban campus

Last year we boarded Summit at Sea on 9 November in a daze. Nobody slept (or slept well) the night before; we all were embarking on this ship-board creative conference under the new reality of president-elect Trump without any clear sense of what our future held. The experience turned out to be a crucible for us to process and hatch ideas for when to resist …

QuoTED Fellows 2017

Inspiring nuggets from this year's rising stars

TED Fellows are a collective of global change-makers who tend to be a bit earlier in their journey than the main stage TED speakers. Those who make it through the extensive application process are supported through mentorship, their community of Fellows and the TED community at large as the continue their visionary works. Each year new Fellows and returning Senior Fellows present talks at the …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The importance of doodles, the smell of old books, the power of Prince and more in our look around the web

1. Scent Detectives Define the Smell of Old Books You know the sensation of pressing your nose into an antique book or walking through a historic library. But we’ve long struggled with the exact adjectives to describe these scents. Thankfully, two University of London researchers have developed guidelines for describing these characteristics through chemical analysis of volatile organic compounds. To translate this academic approach to …

Artist Jon Burgerman’s Nicer Tuesdays Talk

As part of It’s Nice That’s “Nicer Tuesdays” design talks, CH favorite Jon Burgerman headed to London to discuss his Instagram account, animation experiments, the power of doodles and more. He explains that doodles can be almost anything, not just scribbles on paper—he says it’s “thinking and making at the same time.” Watch the full talk over at It’s Nice That.