Colorful, customized bags across a range of styles

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Cut by laser and handcrafted in NYC, BAMIN (Build and Make it Now) is no simple bag company. Falling under the “modular” category—whether you choose the Duffel, Overnight, Carryall or Briefcase variety, the end creation can be as unique as you are. Something that could be expected from folks who describe themselves as “Tumblr meets Prada meets Lego for fashion’s next generation.”


Currently invite-only, BAMIN was created by ex-fashion journalist Robert Cordero who trained at Parsons School of Design. Cordero has a raft of businesses under his control but is mostly famed for his outspoken desire to “remix fashion.”

This desire seems to have come full circle with BAMIN—beyond the fusion of style, fabric and production methodology, purchasers have the ability to “remix” their bag with the progressive designs, use of luxury zippers and specialist cuts (the attention to detail with the edge-printing of the fabric is particularly impressive). In other words, a carryall can become a tote with the addition of the “Long Handle” part, which can be ordered online. The result is a piece that is as future-forward as it is fashion-forward—and with distinctive silhouettes.

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Materials range from Italian felt, neomesh and Italian matte leather (with more in the works), zippers are from YKK in Japan and are color matched to the tape of the zipper. If customizing is too stressful, there’s a wide range of predesigned versions to choose from too.

Available online (albeit invite-only), BAMIN bags start at $370, with delivery expected to be around six to eight weeks for custom items.

Images courtesy of BAMIN