A Modular Luggage System, Bugaboo Boxer

The cult Dutch stroller company applies their tech and design to pushable suitcases

We’ve seen small footsteps toward better luggage (currently an industry drowning in designer labels and cookie-cutter design), like Raden’s lightweight case with integrated tech and G-Ro’s axle-less two-wheeler. But the latest offering comes from an Amsterdam-based company that’s been making cult-followed, design-driven strollers for the past 20 years. Bugaboo rethought what strollers could be capable of doing—if you were willing to pay over $1000—and became a global phenomenon, even drawing comparisons to high-end SUVs thanks to lengthy specs and rugged quality. Now, they’re applying their expertise to luggage.

The foundation of Bugaboo’s Boxer system is the stroller-inspired, four-wheeled, foldable chassis: this is what their hard-shell, lockable carry-on and check-in suitcases attach to—removing the need for a trolley. And yes, multiple suitcase cases fit. We previewed the system earlier this summer, and it was undoubtedly easier to push and pull around, especially when your luggage has reached its weight limit. You could probably shave at least 30 seconds off your personal best flight transfer, as you glide along with your luggage. One concern we have, however, is how heavy and bulky the chassis is—even the carry-on alone is noticeably heavy—and the potential awkwardness of having to push it around, empty, if you check all your bags. But for those willing to experiment in their quest for smooth, effortless mobility, Bugaboo is a great place to start.

The Bugaboo Boxer luggage system will be available for purchase online starting 26 September; prices start at $1030 for the chassis and cabin case combination.

Images courtesy of Bugaboo