Design: Intelligence Made Visible


A follow-up to a text originally drafted for the London Design Museum, Terence Conran and Stephen Bayley's new book Design: Intelligence Made Visible is a near encyclopedic reference of design since the Industrial Revolution.

Prefaced by a history of design that touches on major influences, including the advent of branding, Colt's "Navy" revolver, William Morris' influence and the role of the U.S., the rest of the book is an Aalto-Zanuso list cataloging the important materials, architects, designers, companies, artists, thinkers, movements and concepts of the last 200 years.

Stunning examples include the famed testing track on the roof of Mattè-Trucco's Fiat Works building and rarely-seen images like Fornasetti's hand-printed green bike. If Intelligence Made Visible isn't the first book to devote a full page to the iPhone, it's at least the first one to feature an opposing page on Karl Marx.

It's available from Amazon.