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La Chasse | The Hunt

The home décor brand launches two new elegant lines that showcase true textile artistry


There’s a rich, masculine beauty to the two new lines of decorative pillows from home décor brand La Chasse | The Hunt. Having gained attention for developing custom products for interior design, architecture and development firms, LaChasse describes their ideal customer as a modern day “connoisseur of culture.” Wallis Suda, the New York–based firm’s creative director and founder, adds a bit of context by explaining: “Our clients are attracted to La Chasse for its originality of design, the quality of fabrics and the no-excuse, rock and roll air it carries.”

Suda, a textile artist by trade, divides her time between New York, her native city, and Paris. Back in 2010, she found there was “an enormous disconnect” between her personal style and the commercial work she was contracted to do. It was then that she decided to launch her own home décor brand and to orient it toward men. “My body of work has this raw elegance, a stark yet sumptuous quality to it, and putting it on to pillows seemed like a perfect interior accent that could stand as a functional art piece,” the designer notes.


“Inspiration always comes to me by being out and about in the city,” she continues. As for the brand’s name, she says: “We are looking to hunters throughout history, to tribes and their hunting tools, and we are playing with those details.” Such themes are evident in the work, and powerfully so. “There are a lot of references to bones in my work—not in a creepy way—but appreciating the organic form of them and the new shapes they can create when drawn out in a specific way.”

La Chasse’s new lines, the Black Label and White Label, offer two different price points across the ornately designed and well-crafted pillows. “The Black Label is special because it focuses on fabric treatments and often all the art is developed by pure experimentation with techniques such as embroidery, acid dye watercolor painting and branding,” Suda explains. It’s the more luxe price point as she sourced “the most luxurious and delicious silk/wool and silk/cotton blends, goat suede and cowhides” from across the globe. Both lines dazzle with Suda’s artistry, but the pillows will not be the brand’s soul path. Suda plans on expanding La Chasse’s offerings into bedding, as well as bath and men’s fashion accessories—taking her vision further across the lifestyle market.

You can purchase La Chasse | The Hunt pillows online, with the White Label line selling for $88 and the Black Label line ranging from $320 to $1,260.

Images courtesy of La Chasse | The Hunt


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