Lever+ Bike Tool by Townie Syndicate

A super simple resource for the avid road cyclist

Lever-Bike-tool-2.jpg Lever-Bike-tool-1.jpg

When it comes to road cycling, every extra ounce you can avoid carrying will be beneficial in the long run. With this in mind, Kansas City, MO-based Townie Syndicate designed the basic Lever+ bike tool. Composed of a composite tire-lever, two L-shaped hex wrenches (that double as Phillips-head and T-25 Torx-head screwdrivers) and a die-cut velcro wrap, the simple system wraps up and fits easily in a rear jersey pocket. Add a spare tube for an essentials wrap likely to offer all you’ll need on any given ride.

Prototyped using a Makerbot, the minimalist, lightweight tool is now on Kickstarter, where a pledge of just $15 secures a Lever+. Visit Townie Syndicate for more.

Images courtesy of Townie Syndicate