Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Environmental graffiti, airport sleep cabins, mohawk-inspired jackets and more in this week's look at the web


1. Sprout

Modify used milk jugs into watering cans with a perfectly-pouring spout using Sprout, an attachable tool from designer Evan Gant.

2. GQ and Dockers

Already keeping it fresh with their surprisingly well-fitting traditional line of pants, the classic department store brand Dockers adds another reason to get stoked on khakis this season with their GQ collaboration, which features designers like Alexander Wang and Warriors of Radness.

3. Beijing Design Week

Beijing Design Week 2011 begins this 26 September in conjunction with the first Beijing Design Triennial. If in Beijing be sure to swing by and check it out, with over 130 activities and countless events it’s sure to be worth a peek.

4. Wooden Bike

Dutch designer and master woodworker Jan Gunneweg doesn’t shy from a challenge when it comes to producing anything out of wood. In his latest feat he constructed this beautiful bike, all wood (including the wheels) and extremely handsome.


5. 84-74 Lab

Described as “Mohawk-tailored,” 84-74 lab is a collaborative collection designed by “Takahiromiyashita The Soloist” and Kazuki Kuraishi featuring a coat that doubles as two different styles when folded into half.

6. Faces

Using the creative coding opensoure Openframeworks framework, Artuto Castro has created an interesting way to change your look. Combining the work of several other users, Castro’s application works in real time to project another person’s face onto your own, check out the video here.

7. Pen Ready Project

Distributing 1,000 cameras to 1,000 people, Olympus’s PEN Ready Project aims to prove the versatility and usability of their most recent addition to the Pen family, the E-PM1.

8. Sleepbox

Arch Group answers the prayers of jet-lagged travelers with Sleepbox, a private sleep cabin and shower for hire at airports.


9. Suwappu

Japanese toy maker Mameshiba releases Suwappu, a set of character-based swappable figurines that reflect their hybrid philosophy.

10. Color-Changing Billboard

Ogilvy Digital for IBM’s Smarter Planet innovates a chameleon billboard to promote sales and build a better supply chain.

11. The Life Improvement Project

Ikea’s Life Improvement Project is looking for entrants to win a chance to spend some time helping out others. Winner’s will receive $100,000 and have a year to spend improving the live’s of others with the support of Ikea.

12. Dam Graffiti

An anonymous artist took to Matilija Dam in Ojai, CA making a statement about its harm on the environment. The obsolete damn is depriving beaches downstream of necessary sand and creating an obstacle for the endangered steelhead trout.


13. Color

The photo-sharing app Color was recently re-engineered for Facebook on the iPhone and Android, allowing users to see the world through the eyes of their friends in realtime, using the app’s revolutionary “visit” feature.

14. Urban Land Project

Recently displayed in large-scale format along the major highways of L.A. and Philadelphia, photographer Tim Simmons‘ images reinvent the urban landscape by asking passerby to focus on the innate texture and detail of the land.

15. T-post

Publishing off-the-radar articles on t-shirts, wearable magazine hands. A nicely executed marketing campaign, the installations are definitely photo-worthy.