Maison et Objet Fall 2012: Warmth

Cozy designs from the Parisian design trade show

Designers at this year’s Maison et Objet seemed unfazed by global climate change, coming equipped with fresh designs that reflect notions of warmth for interiors. From sculpted wood to tabletop fireplaces, here are a few of the notable pieces conjuring up a cozier ambience.


The decorative wooden walls by Wonderwall Studios drew praise at the fair for innovative execution. The Amsterdam-based company assembles textured wall panels from cuts of Indonesian wood. Ideal for retail spaces, the pieces are also suitable for private interiors. New for 2012 is an assemblage of sculpted wood, which is made from salvaged furniture like cupboards and chair legs.


Also channeling warmth was the wool felt used by Metylos for the composition of their new sling-like shelves. Ingenious and visually relaxed, the nests of striped felt hold magazines and books as well as less traditional objects. Particularly well suited for bedsides, the shelves can support a lamp on the flat top and reading materials in the nest.

For venturing outside the house, French label Deux Filles en Fil provides minimalist mittens. Low-maintenance and cozy, each mitten consists of a single piece of recycled fabric clipped around the wrist. The line has been extended to reversible editions as well as “collar-mittens,” which can double as a muffler by fastening two together.

At Iittala, we were drawn to a mysterious glass bulb. As we soon discovered, the tabletop chimney—designed by Ilkka Suppanen—is essentially a contemporary update to the fireplace. A flame shoots out from the steel base and burns between a double inner wall of blown glass. The simple sight of this piece warmed our design-loving hearts.