Barcelona Design Week 2018: Highlights

Exploring the pragmatic and esoteric by reconsidering various approaches to design

Design form Catalonia has an identity rooted both in regional tradition and contemporary icons. Javier Mariscals objects and characters (like Cobi, the 1992 Summer Olympics mascot), Jorge Pensi’s Toledo Stacking Chair, and Rafael Marquina’s Marquina Oil Cruet (apparently one of the most copied design objects in the history of Spanish design) are all of note. These familiar names, along with the future of Catalan design …

Introducing LEGO-Compatible Furniture

Italian design studio NINE has produced a storage furniture series called Stüda that’s covered in studs compatible with Lego bricks. Constructed from corian, the series features three different modular sizes and numerous colors. They’ll make their debut at Milan Design Week but the innumerable opportunities for customization will continue to manifest long after they’re available to consumers.

David Dewane’s Eudaimonia Machine at STORY

The NYC concept store's new Work/Space edition explores the future of the way we work

For its 40th installation, New York’s ever-changing concept store STORY is exploring work environments—and the future of work itself. The Work/Space edition is more than a shopping experience, it’s also a co-working location and the first-ever space to bring to life architect David Dewane’s Eudaimonia Machine concept. Chicago-based Dewane created the architectural design in order to make offices more efficient, but also (and importantly) more …

Highlights from Stockholm Furniture + Light Fair 2018

Exemplary textures, materials and forms at this year's event

Design’s new year began this week as Stockholm’s Furniture + Light Fair kicked off the international show calendar. Under the shadow of the recent passing of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, it seemed almost as if many of the homegrown companies and designers were channeling some of his core beliefs—despite their new collections being worked on for at least 12 months. Because it feels like much …