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Philips Robust Collection

An essential collection of kitchen appliances as beautiful as they are durable


Philips’ new Robust Collection consists of a complete range of kitchen appliances butched up with sturdy rubber and stainless-steel exteriors. The set includes five essential pieces (blender, food processor, hand blender, can opener and juicer) developed not just for high function but to last a long time too. Borrowing some materials from the auto industry, the design feels as reassuring as it looks iconic.

robust-collection-2.jpg robust-collection-3.jpg

The keywords for this project—traditional home cooking, honest approach and longevity—hint at a mindset affected by periods of economic crisis. The approach isn’t nostalgic though, since the Robust Collection introduces eleven patents, eight of which went on to be included in the final design.

robust-collection-4.jpg robust-collection-5.jpg

A warranty and service package—including five years on the collection’s blender, juicer and food processor, as well as 15 years on their motors and three years on the hand blender and mixer—demonstrate Philips’ confidence in the durability and performance of the range.


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