Panda Oven Mitt

This oven mitt nods to LCD Soundsystem’s riotous “Drunk Girls”  music video, which saw the dance-rock band mauled by people in panda costumes. Made from insulated neoprene rather than foam, this mitt can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it is designed with a textured side to make gripping pots and pans slip-free—even when dancing in the kitchen.

CH Omakase 2016: Ember Mug

Control the temperature of your coffee or tea with this app-connected item

By Nat Livingstone Johnson A few degrees makes a big difference in the flavor and pleasure of your morning beverage, plus nobody wants to discard a coffee but when the last few sips are cold and stale, there’s no avoiding it. With the CH Omakase Ember Mug this ceases to be an issue. The app-connected mug maintains temperature for two hours when on the go, …

Sync Platter

Glass artist Kumiko Nakajima of design firm MONO and her furniture designer husband John Quan have united their skills to create a minimal platter ideal for wine and cheese dinner parties—and easy clean-up afterward. Crafted from Tasmanian Oak in the couple’s hometown of Adelaide, Australia, the platter—featuring a napkin stow level—comes complete with a clear glass wine stopper to accompany any bottle. Beauty, ease and …