Pâté Chinois

The bouillabaisse of furniture in a new collection from Montreal's brother and sister design team


Injecting personality and random order into their latest collection, Montreal-based designers Thien and My Ta Trung‘s Pâté Chinois series is a concept centered around the beloved Quebec dish Shepherd’s Pie.


Presented at the brother-and-sister team’s Domison boutique during the Montreal International Interior Design Show, Pâté Chinois is a creative modular system that uses layering and a mash-up of materials for a well-executed and exciting assortment of furniture.


“We were in the mood for happy furniture, less rigor and more flexibility. A shelving unit that evolves according to our frame of mind, a chair that transforms itself each season, a sofa that can take endless configurations and looks. In short, furniture that grows and change with time!” says My.

The five-piece collection strays from the tandem’s usual monochromatic designs, articulating a fresh perspective while maintaining their familiar buoyant outlook on furniture design. Domison, the diffusion line from their more conceptual line and boutique Periphere, usually adheres to a palette of sober colors and traditional materials for their playfully modern furniture.


Thien nicely sums up their motivation, explaining that “The way we approached materials has recently produced mostly mono-material designs. This year, we decided to put everything together and make a big stew of our favorite materials, a bouillabaisse, a goulash, a ratatouille, a lasagna, a big Pâté Chinois.”