MUTEK MONTRÉAL 2019: Future Tense

Highlights from the festival's Forum_IMG, a symposium dedicated to the impact of creative digital technology

Though better known for its line-up of experimental musicians, MUTEK goes beyond the stage with Forum IMG, a symposium dedicated to the exploration of the practical and theoretical impacts of creative digital technology. It makes MUTEK a truly unique estuary of learning and experience, reformatting the festival concept from entertainment-only to a place for education. The program featured leading industry professionals and creatives presenting a …

MUTEK Montréal 2019: Old and New

Three standouts from an event that melds tech, music and visual art

Flying just under the major festival radar, Montreal’s MUTEK boasts a weeklong schedule of avant-garde programming at the intersection of technology, music and audiovisual art. It’s an event that defies the summer festival standard. To celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, MUTEK delivered an appropriately extraordinary line-up of both world-renowned and emerging artists. This is MUTEK’s strength: mixing the established with the vanguard and transforming …

Men I Trust: Norton Commander (All We Need)

With a muffled bass line and airy vocals, Men I Trust’s “Norton Commander (All We Need)” is an enveloping, downtempo love song. The Montreal-based trio’s lead Emma Proulx whisper-sings over the slow-burning song—setting an intimate scene. Adding to the laid-back and breezy vibe, the video places Proulx and friend (actor Lawrence Dickerson) driving and dancing through southern California at dusk.