Men I Trust: Norton Commander (All We Need)

With a muffled bass line and airy vocals, Men I Trust’s “Norton Commander (All We Need)” is an enveloping, downtempo love song. The Montreal-based trio’s lead Emma Proulx whisper-sings over the slow-burning song—setting an intimate scene. Adding to the laid-back and breezy vibe, the video places Proulx and friend (actor Lawrence Dickerson) driving and dancing through southern California at dusk.

Word of Mouth: Quartier International, Montréal

Delving deeper than business in this downtown district

Business districts aren’t typically hubs of excitement, but don’t tell that to Montréal. It’s here that the city’s commercial core has made a community where culture and style can thrive. The Quartier International business district has become known for its openness to diversity and willingness to integrate different cultures, and the neighborhood’s shops, hotels, museums, and restaurants reflect this ethos. Multi-story murals cling to the …

Premiere: Co/ntry’s “Living in a Body”

The Montreal band's eerie, eccentric new music video, art directed by yard666sale's Dane Richards

Through a series of mystical and frequently grotesque still life character studies, art director Dane Richards (founder of lifestyle brand yard666sale) conjures a lasting visual tale for fellow Montreal locals Co/ntry. The exploratory, art-punk band’s latest track, “Living in a Body,” traverses dark bass depths—guided forward by a saxophone, wisps of metaphysical lyrics and delicate vocals. Richards’ styling work, coupled with direction by Co/ntry’s David …