Searching For True: Cutler Anderson Architects


We love nature and we love innovative architecture. Cutler Anderson Architects showcase their amazing ability to combine the two in "Searching For True," an upcoming compilation of 22 of their most impressive projects.

These projects range from chic, expansive forested villas to an inconspicuous yet undeniably moving Armed Forces Memorial. No matter what the task at hand, Cutler insists that "each material has its own characteristics" and "tell[s] us how it wants to be used." This almost druidic connection with his natural environment shines through in the tact with which he executes his projects.


One of our favorites, the Residence at Meteor Vineyards, is nestled into the rolling vineyard country of Napa Valley, the roofing slant's inward in a "V" form, emphasizing the house's placement within the natural hillsides. The pool is also gorgeous, lined by discrete stone tiling that blends perfectly with the low profile gravel pathways traversing the property.


The Reeve Residence is another standout. You may barely notice the rustic single-story from the fields and forests lining Lopez Island's weathered coastline. Stone retaining walls and a slanted roof, pitched to mimic the natural wind-shaped trees and planted with native vegetation, obscure the facade, creating an allure of privacy and intimacy.


Cutler and Anderson deliver a lesson in subtlety with their Armed Forces Memorial. The pavilion lies in the corner of a Norfolk waterfront park, accessible only from two bridges. The only standing monument within the space is a flag pole flying the stars and stripes; however, the ground is littered with what seem to be letters blowing in the wind. Each metal sheath is inscribed with an outreach from a soldier days before their death in battle. Visitors to the memorial must bend or kneel to read the emotional accounts, physically engaging themselves in their remembrance.

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