SomeRightsReserved is the awesome online store of the London-based KithKin design collective. The shop, billed as "a download revolution" features both digital products (such as music and fonts) and directions/instructions for building physical items.


There are too many great things to call out here but a few favorites include the origami Graphic Grenade by PostlerFerguson; The Rubbish typefaces by Clare Acheson, and the RepRap by Adrian Bowyer.


The RepRap, short for Replicating Rapid-prototyper, is an incredible DIY prototyping machine. True, any number of good machines are available for tens of thousands of dollars, but the plans for the RepRap are free and the parts needed to build it around $1,000, prompting one reviewer to proclaim "Think of RepRap as a China on your desktop." Once you've made one it can—literally—replicate itself.

We love the idea of an ideas marketplace. Best of all, many downloads are free, most under £5, and the most expensive £10.