Studio Junction


Toronto-based Studio Junction is attempting to create affordable living space for a family of four in what once was a warehouse in industrial Toronto. Reclaiming urban space by in-filling blighted industrial neighborhoods is nothing new. But creating vibrant neighborhoods instead of cookie-cutter condominiums and renovated lofts for the upwardly mobile is entirely different.
The result is Courtyard House
– an innovative design using crafted with courtyards that face inward. Taking advantage of natural light and conditions, it creates what the designers call a poetic “space in between.”

â€It is the Courtyard House's multivalence–to be urban yet introverted, open yet intimate–that reveals the rich potential of the project's double readings,†writes architecture critic Lola Sheppard in an article in studio_junction2.jpg

A reception exhibiting these designs was hosted by Come Up To My Room, an alternative design blog that's exhibiting some of the most exciting examples of alternative design in Canada and beyond.