Rose Aura Offers Access to Your Inner Spectrum

Founded by Evelyn Salvarinas, the Toronto studio provides artful insights

A specialized photographic setup capable of detecting “auras,” or color-coded translations of your energy, became widely available in the ’80s courtesy of inventor Guy Coggins. Today, the process of assembling an aura photograph remains largely the same: one Polaroid-like camera, a pair of hand-shaped electromagnetic sensors and the biofeedback and electromagnetic measurements you receive from them. Using that information, an algorithm assigns an array of …

Jonah Yano feat. Nono: Perfume

Slipping into a genre of its own that could perhaps be dubbed digital jazz, Toronto-based Jonah Yano and Vancouver-based producer Nono’s “Perfume” (from Yano’s debut EP Nervous) is delightfully of-the-internet, yet undeniably jazzy. “I know you’re not around / you fled to solid ground / but you’re in my head, safe and sound / like perfume,” Yano sings. There’s longing in his voice and, as …

River Tiber: Taurus

River Tiber’s “Taurus” is a breezy daydream that seems to float along its four-minute existence. Written, produced and recorded by the Toronto-based artist (aka Tommy Paxton-Beesley), the track also features vocals, guitar, bass, synth, Rhodes, piano and violin all by him—with additional hazy vocals and guitar from Justin Nozuka. Despite all the layers, the song is ultimately minimal, delicate and almost meditative.