River Tiber: Taurus

River Tiber’s “Taurus” is a breezy daydream that seems to float along its four-minute existence. Written, produced and recorded by the Toronto-based artist (aka Tommy Paxton-Beesley), the track also features vocals, guitar, bass, synth, Rhodes, piano and violin all by him—with additional hazy vocals and guitar from Justin Nozuka. Despite all the layers, the song is ultimately minimal, delicate and almost meditative.

Google’s City of the Future in Toronto

Google sister-company Sidewalk Labs has been contracted by a coalition of the Toronto, Ontario and Canadian governments to develop Quayside, Toronto as (what Sidewalk Labs refers to as) “the world’s first neighborhood built from the internet up.” The concept of a smart-city is far from new—but what’s being proposed here requires such a data-driven feedback cycle that Politico wonders who would want to live in …

Jonah Samson’s “Yes Yes We’re Magicians” Found Photography Book

A collection of tragicomic imagery weaving a narrative on the human condition

Artist and Cool Hunting contributor Jonah Samson collects vintage imagery—black and white relics that he refers to as his “new old photos.” Scouring eBay and beyond, Samson does more than horde these little time capsules. He frequently modifies and presents them in galleries. Or, in the case of his latest book “Yes Yes We’re Magicians,” he assembles them into a narrative. A moody, meticulous complication, …