Mustafa: Air Forces

Toronto artist Mustafa (aka Mustafa the Poet, and Mustafa Ahmed) self-describes his music as folk. That said, his newest release, the serene “Air Forces,” certainly blends genres. The Jamie xx- and Frank Dukes-produced track ruminates on violence, faith, fame, friendship and more, and furthers these inquiries in the Kid. Studio-directed visual treatment. Altogether, the intensely emotional song sounds subtle and soothing—and emphasizes Mustafa’s originality.

Interview: Vocalist and Musician Jonah Yano

Ahead of his debut album, the Toronto-based artist discusses collaboration, his identity beyond art, and embracing personal subjects

In 2016, Jonah Yano uploaded his first single to SoundCloud. The song, called “reservations,” was an echoey track he recorded on his cellphone and passed to a friend to mix. The track somewhat unintentionally set the tone for his debut album, souvenir, which will debut on 19 June. Within the layers of acoustic instruments, distorted bass and drums, and up-and-down vocalizing, Yano addresses cherished memories with his …

Haven’s First Comprehensive Collection of Ready-to-Wear Items

In conjunction with a pop-up in NYC, the brand unveils its in-house assortment of apparel, accessories and bags

Once a purveyor of some of our favorite premium, design-savvy, niche brands, Haven introduced its first eponymous pieces last year. Now the retailer has expanded with a comprehensive collection that clearly conveys the brand’s specific point of view on style influenced by the functional needs of a harsh city environment. To fulfill founders Daniel and Arthur Chmielewski’s vision they’ve brought on an in-house head of …