Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Toronto's esports stadium, a Central Saint Martins collaboration, mixed reality developments and more in our look around the web

Art Basel Debuts Free Spring Digital Film Program Commencing with South Korean artists Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho’s dialogue-free (but meticulously sound-designed) short film, The Ways of Folding Space & Flying, Art Basel’s 2021 digital film program presents free online screenings selected by Art Basel Film sector curator Li Zhenhua. This short, which explores Taoist philosophical concepts, premiered at the 2015 Venice Biennale. Other films in …

Toronto’s 7,000-Seat Esports Arena by Populous

Designed by architecture studio Populous and slated for completion in 2025, Toronto’s currently unnamed multi-purpose arena incorporates state-of-the-art features necessary to facilitate large-scale esports events (where competitive video games are played for spectators). In addition to the acoustics-oriented swooping roof, renderings for the 7,000-seat stadium include an array of screens that form a comprehensive media facade. Developer OverActive Media, owner of two Toronto esports franchise …

Mustafa: Air Forces

Toronto artist Mustafa (aka Mustafa the Poet, and Mustafa Ahmed) self-describes his music as folk. That said, his newest release, the serene “Air Forces,” certainly blends genres. The Jamie xx- and Frank Dukes-produced track ruminates on violence, faith, fame, friendship and more, and furthers these inquiries in the Kid. Studio-directed visual treatment. Altogether, the intensely emotional song sounds subtle and soothing—and emphasizes Mustafa’s originality.