Dom Pérignon Œnothèque Bol Sein


Inspired by a 1787 bol seine (roughly translated as bosom bowl) that artist Jean-Jacques Lagrenée reportedly modeled after Marie-Antoinette's breast, Karl Lagerfeld's 2008 version for bolsein.jpg

Lagerfeld's plinth of stylized bottles and sleeker, more angular lines lend a more modern look, while his stark white color plays on the 18th-century version's homage to the pale complexion as a female beauty ideal. Denied U.S. release due to legalities having to do with relating alcohol to sex, rumor has it the sculptural vessel comes with a bottle of 1995 œnotheèque and has a €2,500 pricetag—if you can find one of the 1,000 editions made.

Discovered while on a recent trip to Versailles as the guest of Dom PeÌrignon to check out an exhibit devoted to Louis XIV and his tastes, we also learned that Lagerfeld knows the height of all the kings.