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The Sifter Catalogues 5,000 Historic Cookbooks

For more than 50 years, Barbara Ketcham Wheaton—now an honorary curator of Harvard University’s Schlesinger Library Culinary Collection—chronicled European and US cookbooks published over the last 1,000 years. With the help of a team of scholars (including two of her children), Wheaton launched this database—called The Sifter—in July of this year. This publicly available database isn’t a recipe collection; rather, it’s “a repository of entire texts,” according to Atlas Obscura, currently 130,000-items strong and incorporating “the ingredients, techniques, authors, and section titles.” Further, Wheaton and her team assembled the database like Wikipedia, allowing those who peruse to make it better. Read more about the epic endeavor and its ties to Julia Child at Atlas Obscura.

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