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adidas Zissou

Adidas Zissou

When JP at h-list couldn't find a pair of the Zissou edition adidas worn in The Life Aquatic, it was time to make a pair. Very crafty. The reason JP couldn't find them, apparently, is that they were never issued. Here's an email I received today from a reader, Ryan McManus:


As you’re probably aware, the Zissou edition adidas worn in The Life Aquatic has become a sought after item. Only problem being, Adidas has not released it for sale. Apparently, the retailer response was soft, so they scrapped a consumer version. Since the film’s release, however, there’s been a huge surge of interest, even DIY instructions on how to make replicas (the shoe is basically an exclusive colorway of the ROM with ‘zissou’ in gold replacing the ‘rom’) popping up online. I’ve been in contact with adidas, and this is the last response I got:


We have started a tally for all the requests of the Zissou to hand off to our Originals footwear group….wish list or petition, I’m not quite sure! A lot of requests have come in already, hopefully we’ll make a big splash.

If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at 1-800-448-1796 or by replying to this email at We are here Monday through Friday 7AM to 6PM (Pacific Time). Thank you for your pursuit of the adidas brand. It’s always great to hear from customers who share our passion for sports and the sporting lifestyle.


Consumer Relations

adidas America

I realize it’s counter to the exclusive nature of sneakerheads to advertise about how to get some hot kicks, but I figure if we get the word out, and Adidas gets a bunch of requests for the shoe, maybe it’ll see the light of day.

Anyhow. Seemed up your alley. Love the site, It’s a daily visit for me.


Ryan McManus

So let Adidas know that you want a pair and maybe they’ll make them!

6 January UPDATE:

I received this email from adidas customer support. In summary, there’s a slim chance they will make the Zissou, but keep sending them email. Don’t expect, however, that by sending them email you’ll be put on the wait list or anything.


Subject: feedback from

Date: January 6, 2005 6:25:14 PM EST

This message was sent from:

————————- COMMENTS ————————-

In regards to the hundreds of email responses we have received about the Zissou shoe I wanted to clear up any confusion and I would hope you could post this so your readers understand our processes.

We understand that there is demand for the shoe, but nothing will be done immediately even if they do decide in that department to release the shoe. The process takes many months to get any product to market, even at this stage and while the requests will most definitely be passed on, we don’t want people thinking that if they email us they are adding their name to a list of people who will get a pair of the shoes. There is a slim chance that it would be distributed and while we would love to grant the request, we want to be realistic as well. So, if you are submitting any request, please be aware that that is only to show demand and that it does not mean you will get a pair of shoes, or that it will be released at all. Thanks for your interest in the adidas brand, we obviously love the attention and hope you can find a product to curb your Zissou desires, thanks.


Alternatively, if you don’t feel like emailing Adidas, sign Reuel Alvarez’s Petition or Klikger’s Petition.


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