Airhole Ninja Masks


Founded by pro snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown, Airhole Ninja Masks are designed to keep you warm during all your outdoor winter activities, whether snowboarding, skiing or snowshoeing. They use innovative functional materials, unique form-fitting patterns, and the most groundbreaking concept of all—a hole that you can breathe through! The upshot is an accessory that's as menacing as full-face masks but without the petty criminal connotation.

The Vancouver-based duo designed the product after trying all kinds of scarves and bandannas to keep warm while snowboarding, but never finding anything that was really comfortable. Since they had both been really into ninjas while growing up, they modeled their masks after ninjas and carried that theme through the line.


Made from cotton spandex Airholes are lined in polyester and available in five different styles, all named after ninja swords and knives and available in three different colorways: Black Ninja, White Ninja, and Red Ninja. I'm particularly loving the black ninja pirate mask. It's sure to have people clearing a path for you as you cruise down the slopes.

Airhole Ninja Masks are available through Tightboards, starting at $22.