Alexandra Cassaniti Bags


Alexandra Cassaniti's collection of silk-screened bags are just the thing to ease the transition into spring and raise your spirits during the rainy season. Even if there's no trip to the beach in the near future, carrying the constantly increasing load of everyday essentials for urban living around in this Brushstroke Four Pocket Bagpack has an appeal. A versatile bag, it has adjustable leather straps and can be worn as a purse, back pack or satchel.

The wholly original Pinkeye Pattern Tote (remarkably handsome given its reference to a nasty eye infection), has a leather strap with a brass buckle to adjust the length. The hand-screened bags are constructed from 100% cotton canvas and feature a sturdy leather bottom.

Both bags are available in both patterns online from Alexandra Cassaniti. The tote is $220 and the Bagpack model is $320.