Alexandra Cassaniti’s Summer Bummer Collection


Winter might be coming but we found a whole new way to channel a west coast vibe with Alexandra Cassaniti's "Summer Bummer" collection. Alexandra's philosophy? It's always summer somewhere. We love the feel-good concept as much as we like the nonchalant weirdness of her neoprene beret and "hairy surfboard," shaped by world class surfer Craig Hollingsworth.

Already known among followers of fashion for her silkscreened totes, Alexandra fills out the collection with a range of travel and lifestyle accessories for men and women, including wetsuits and bike bags—all inspired by the beaches of California and hand-crafted in the U.S. and presumably useful both as a functioning wetsuit and for flaunting the retro-'90s Body Glove look. Totally crazy items, like the long-billed lemon cap and heat-activated colorchanging sunglasses in Sherbert-colored, Wayfarer styles, are as lighthearted and easy to love as summer.


For an extra dose of Cassasniti's brand of west coast style and to make you more jealous of California living, check out the online campaign, with video shorts directed by Spike Jonze. (If you're pressed for time, skip to the third one down.)

Summer Bummer is available for preorder on the Alexandra Cassaniti website or at Opening Ceremony.