CompleteTechnique Jewlery


Brooklyn's CompleteTechnique recently unveiled a line of jewelry pieces that take the aesthetic of urban audio to a new level. New to the collection, the range of iPod shaped pendants, or for a more classic look, Sony Walkman cassette players, elevate devices to objects of adulation. These aural accouterments are a natural accessory for anyone interested in music.

With each piece melded from 18k gold and platinum, the custom work involves unparalleled craftsmanship and quality. This is no costume jewelry, instead these pieces boast, in CreativeTechnique's own words, “unmatched finesse.â€

Browsing the site, it's unclear if the pieces are the creation of CreativeTechnique's founder and creative director, Osamu Koyama, who has been at the helm since 1999. Modesty aside, Koyama's work has catalyzed well deserved buzz and the site is more than worth a look.