Fiat x Banca de Camisetas Winter 2008


Whether it's 10 or 50 already cramming your drawers, we know your addiction for t-shirts refuses to be abated. At least Fiat thinks so. As part of their strategy to stay on top of the automaker market in Brazil (in which they've been wearing the crown for several years), Fiat's been hooking up with national and international designers for seasonal runs of tees that target exactly the kind of Brazilians who take street style as seriously as the labels they're most loyal to—and who likely also have a Fiat in the garage as well. Pictured here are photos of Fiat's upcoming Fiat_Shobo_Amapo.jpg

It's clear Fiat values Brazil's well-clad, fashion-industry types, usually sponsoring São Paulo Fashion Week and a pop-up cafe during the event. It even has a signature male and female line of clothes and accessories made in bamboo by Alexandre Herchcovitch.

The tees retail at $43 a pop and are sold at Banca de Camisetas in São Paulo or from their site.

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