Eastern District: Made in Brooklyn


Adopting its name from the governmental region that includes Williamsburg, Greenpoint and East New York, Eastern District is Bushwick's latest art gallery and exhibition space, which typifies the New York art world's shifting focus. After an abbreviated Fashion Week photo show, the gallery is holding its grand opening tomorrow with "Made in Brooklyn," a exhibition from Marvel comic artist Juan Doe. Noted for illustrating the likes of Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, the show finds inspiration in "superheroes, giant-bio-luminescent sea monsters and hydroponic chambers of restituted imaginations."

In practice, this results in a unique amalgam of painting and narrative. Doe expands from the miniature panels of the comic world to tell stories depicted with paint and enamel on over-sized canvases. He uses everything from conceptual wordplay, messianic portraiture and wife-abusing robots—along with the obligatory comic book cover or two—to express his conflicted worldview.


"Made in Brooklyn" will run through 22 March 2009 and will be followed by an exhibit on current news-maker, Poster Boy.

Made in Brooklyn
27 February-22 March 2009
Eastern District
43 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206 map
tel. +1 718 628 0400