Han Eyeglass Frames


Whether you're myopic or not, these Danish-designed frames by Han are timeless and versatile — great as either sunglasses or spectacles.

Founded on 1 May 2008 by Hankjo Benhavn, the brand blends designs that have stood the test of time with traditional craftsmanship and a twist of originality to create a classic look. We like that they're neither too round, too slim nor too Wayfarer-like and the way the monochromatic looks strike a delicate balance of both shape and simplicity. Offering a level of customization, the type of lens including shade, prescription and polarization can be specified to meet your needs.


Han comments, "Classic isn't boring, but is a factor that can continue to inspire and relive itself over and over again." To see all models and for more info including locations of retailers (only available in Denmark, Sweden and the U.K.) visit Hankjobenhaven. Price available upon request. Contact Han directly at contact [at] hankjobehavn [dot] com.

Timeless frame pictured above and after the jump.