Affordable Frames from Seneca Eyewear

Unisex styles, including sunglasses with Carl Zeiss lens, starting at $100


While Warby Parker has been the indisputable leader of the affordable designer eyewear movement, a new wave of like-minded brands (David Kind, for example) have quickly caught on—resulting in even more choices for the discerning but economical customer. Seneca Eyewear, which launched this past summer, is one that’s offering quality unisex frames, including sunglasses with Carl Zeiss Vision lens—which can normally retail for $300 to $400. By operating direct to consumer, Seneca Eyewear can offer frames and prescription lenses from $100. “The goal was to deliver a better price-to-quality ratio than traditional designer houses, while not giving up our principles for being a true premium product,” the brand tells CH.


Each frame comes in a variety of colors, and those interested in the sunglasses with polarized lenses can select green, yellow, ruby or pink tints, for a feeling of customization. Inspired by the frames James Dean donned in the ’50s, Seneca’s Plato model would flatter most face shapes, while those wanting a more distinguished look may consider the rounded Theodor. If the traditional frames are a little too minimalist for your taste, the Seneca the Younger capsule collection offers some more adventurous styles, like frames wrapped in lambskin leather.

The brand hinted to CH of what’s next to come, revealing that they are currently developing a Japanese titanium featherweight collection for “a new range of products unheard of in the affordable market.”

Seneca Eyewear frames are available online starting at $100, which includes prescription lenses.

Images by Cool Hunting