Ledbury: 31 Days of Shirts

Three shirts and how to wear them, from the menswear label's new collection

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As fall begins to fully take over from summer, it’s a welcome time to switch up your style and swap out your sandals and boardshorts for something a bit more formal. Fall weather lends itself to experimenting with different fabrics, weights and layering—with colder days calling for the season’s first flannels and sweaters while the occasional warm autumn day in the park requires something light and breathable. Luxury menswear label Ledbury is celebrating fall with 31 days of shirts—releasing a new, exclusive, limited run shirt in various fabrics and weights each day of October.

With focus on both innovation and quality, Ledbury sources the highest quality Italian fabrics, and crafts their shirts in way that is stylish but timeless. Ledbury’s shirts range from the light and soft Italian jersey, to the versatile cold-weather flannel, which is at home in the woods or the office. We checked out three of their latest offerings for fall to find the best use for the different weights and styles.


The Blue Ashton Jersey

When the sun is out and the temperature feels more like August than October, it’s time for the Blue Ashton Jersey shirt. The shirt’s softness is unlike any other jersey material due to the double-knit, ultra-high thread count. For a shirt with such a smart cut and quality construction, it allows for unprecedented mobility. The soft Italian jersey also resists wrinkles (despite our best efforts) making it an excellent choice for an active day about town or during travel. The Blue Ashton Jersey is available from Ledbury online for $155.

ledbury-31-days-of-shirts-2A.jpg ledbury-31-days-of-shirts-2B.jpg
The Carpenter Stripe Herringbone

Done correctly, a classic shirt with a dose of updated style can really make an outfit, and the Carpenter Stripe Herringbone does just that. A classic Italian-woven brushed cotton herringbone provides the base while a subtle blue, red and white check gives the shirt a touch of modernity. Providing an extra bit of warmth, this piece is best when the mercury level begins to drop. Pair it with a tweed jacket for an ivy-league look or throw on a cardigan for a casually smart night on the town. The Carpenter Stripe Herringbone is sure to be a staple for years to come and is also available from Ledbury for $155.


The Graham Plaid Flannel

From the city to the woods, it’s always important to look and feel on top of your game, which is why plaid flannel has remained a staple of the sartorial man’s wardrobe for generations. The Graham Plaid Flannel from Ledbury takes the classic print and injects it with contemporary style and new colorways. Italian brushed cotton in a mid-to-heavy weight gives the shirt a solid, sturdy feel, while Ledbury’s signature cut ensure you look your best—whether you’re networking or working on your fly-fishing. All of Ledbury’s shirts feature a slightly lowered second button and reinforced cuffs and collars that don’t fold under the weight of blazers or sweaters. The Graham Plaid Flannel sells for $155 and is available from the brand’s online store.

To find these shirts—and a new shirt everyday for October—keep an eye on Ledbury throughout the month.

Lead photo by Hans Aschim, all others by Karen Day