Maise Denim


Sydney, Australia is responsible for producing many of the world's most original, unique and successful denim brands including Tsubi, Sass&Bide and Nobody, so it comes as no surprise that Maise, the latest denim line about to make it's mark on the international fashion scene, was started by ex-TopShop designer and Sydney-sider Claire Greaves.

Designed for the "confident, modern and fashion forward girl," Maise is predominantly a womenswear denim label. In a fashion market saturated by denim, Maise stands out with incredibly comfortable cuts, quality materials and quirky details that allow the wearer to mold each piece to suit their own style. "Maise designs can be interpreted both here and internationally" says the Aussie designer, "they are fashion-forward designs that communicate to a broad market."

Maise's Winter 2007 collection includes vintage-styled modern denim, high-waists and wide legs in a range of blue indigo and bleached-out grayish blues. Already flying off the racks in Australia and with plans to launch the label "very soon" in the Northern Hemisphere, it's one brand you're likely to hear more about in the near future.