Nudie Jeans Recycled Denim Rugs

The Swedish brand ventures into interiors with an eco-conscious approach


Following in the footsteps of last spring’s limited-edition Post Recycled Dry denim launch, Nudie Jeans is back with another ecologically-minded initiative. This time the Swedish denim brand branches into interiors with a limited run of Post-Consumer Recycled Denim Rugs. Available today exclusively from Nudie Jeans’ eight brick and mortar concept stores scattered around the world, the Scandinavian-style rag rugs have been meticulously constructed one at a time from a large batch of donated, worn-in Nudie Jeans.


To eliminate any unnecessary movement and middlemen—and thus the impact on the environment—Nudie Jeans called upon their organic denim supplier Bossa in Turkey to produce the rugs. The beautiful stratification is directly related to the production process during which the old jeans are individually cut into serrated strips of denim, sewn together and rolled onto spools. From here the strips are hand woven using a vintage manual shuttle loom.


Measuring 1½ x 2 meters, the very small run of Post-Consumer Recycled Denim Rugs are now available for $599 from Nudie Jeans Concept Stores in Los Angeles, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Zurich, Chapel Street Melbourne, Sydney, Barcelona and Tokyo. To find out more about Nudie Jeans’ global initiatives—from committing to exclusively using 100% organic cotton to raising wages in India—visit Nudie Jeans online.

Images courtesy of Nudie Jeans