Miami Art Week 2016: MM6 Maison Margiela + Aaron De La Cruz

The brand's first-ever Design District pop-up shop features a striking, on-site only artist collaboration

Across the street from their permanent Miami Design District boutique—which played host to a stunning glass and crystal installation way back during Miami Art Week 2013—luxury fashion innovators Maison Margiela have opened the doors to their MM6 collection pop-up. The feminine, dynamic MM6 range—featuring clothing and accessories that employ their three-in-one promise of functionality—dots the considered, minimalist space. And within, artist Aaron De La Cruz has just released a series of 60 one-off collaborative bags wherein the painter and sculptor was given complete creative control. While the space—and its deconstructed vs constructed design—warrants attention itself, the collaboration (and its surprisingly low price-point, beginning at $300) makes the MM6 pop-up a must-visit destination during the busiest art week in Miami.

Maison Margiela has long been a brand shrouded in mystery, with their designers working as an anonymous collective. Here, in an uncommon move, De La Cruz’s presence is felt. The artist took bleach and black acrylic paint to monochrome denim, transforming the brand’s signature Japanese bag. His background as a mural artist infuses each distinct item. Further, every signed and numbered bag features a transparent pocket that holds one square slice of an original De La Cruz painting. The origami-inspired MM6 Japanese Bag debuted back in 2009; here, it receives an artistic infusion that should appeal to fans of the brand and newcomers alike.

The MM6 pop-up shop will be open until Spring 2017 at 173 NE 40th St, Miami. The 60-piece MM6 + Aaron De La Cruz collaborative collection will be sold exclusively at this location.

Lead image by David Graver, all other images courtesy of Maison Margiela