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PS Pictogram Series X Porter Bags


All the recent PSP love makes me swoon with mobile gaming goodness! Check out these PS Pictogram Series X Porter bags put out by Sony. Although I'm not exactly sure what the concept description says, the series have what would appear to be a durable black exterior with a subtle embossed pattern of the PSP iconography. The green lining is nice, but what's really hot are the pockets! As a general rule, pockets just kick ass. And these bags are specifically designed to carry your coveted PSP so that it's safe, snug, and easily accessible where ever your travels may take you.

UPDATE: Here's a translation of the concept statement:

Based on the idea that you want to have the Playstation closer to your body, we decided to build a new brand using these pictograms […] from here, we'll go forward with more goods that are cool and full of playful spirit. For now, the first example, our proposition to collaborate with Porter.

Thanks Greg!


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