SmartWool has grown from a couple of guys in New England hawking ski socks to a full line of some of the best base layers on the market, their breadwinner being their industry-leading socks. A wide variety of socks are all engineered specifically for activities like walking, hiking, cycling, wearing high heels, skiing or snowboarding. Other items like the Synergy Jacket is perfect as a layer or stand alone and the Microweight Boxer Brief's "up and out" fly design and flatlock seam construction eliminates chafing.

A far cry from the scratchy wool of yesteryear, SmartWool comes from New Zealand's specially bred free range Merino sheep. This particular fiber is 90% Keratin, a protein resistant to chemical and bacterial attack, naturally flame retardant, and is 1/3 to 1/10 the thickness of human hair. A renewable natural resource, SmartWool is light and airy providing non-itchy cushion and insulation, making it effective in all conditions whether walking around in the rain or shine. It wicks away moisture and sweat while maintaining a comfortable temperature in heat or cold, keeping you dry, warm and odorless—unlike the stink that comes from wearing synthetics.

Commited to leaving a smaller footprint, SmartWool donates ten percent of every web order to the SmartPrint Advocacy fund which supports select non-profit organizations. SmartWool also ensures sustainable business practices by working closely with their New Zealand wool growers to guarantee minimum price levels for the wool.

You can expect the '07 line on shelves any day now. Go to SmartWool to see and purchase any of their products.

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