Six Pairs of Warm Socks with Style

Thick, wooly and wintery items that flash some personality

More than just a stocking stuffer, socks have become a gift in their own right. It seems that with each passing year, people grow more comfortable wearing socks with a little (or a lot of) personality. And, with the onset of winter, warmth is key—but style doesn’t need to be sacrificed. The following six pairs of socks aren’t for snow sports or athletics, instead they’re casual socks that still hold their own in colder temperatures. Whether it’s due to their thickness or simply their composition material, the warmth, comfort, functionality and style of these socks all stand strong.

Kapital “Van Gogh” Slub Socks

Made in Japan, Kapital’s “Van Gogh” Slub Socks ($41) are a thick, mixed yarn blend. The Tokyo-based brand has long stepped beyond their American-inspired denim workwear goods and incorporated punchy, patterned products for one’s feet into the mix. This pair keeps things truly unique.

Corgi Fair Isle Wool and Cotton-Blend Socks

It’s hard not to associate the Fair Isle patterning with winter and, when it’s applied to a wool and cotton blend from Wales’ historic sock maker Corgi, there’s no denying it’s an ideal seasonal sock. These Fair Isle Wool and Cotton-Blend Socks ($25) are plush and comfy, but also dress up nicely.

Apolis Alpaca Trek Socks

Gray socks go with just about everything and, when they’re made of alpaca wool, like Apolis’ Alpaca Trek Socks ($28), they’re also multi-functional. Warm and comfy, these socks can also handle a hike. And while it isn’t the most ostentatious colorway, for those looking to step away from black or white socks, this is a start.

Marwood + Goodhood Dip Dye Mohair Socks

Made in England, exclusively for Goodhood, Marwood’s Dip Dye Mohair Socks (£45) maximize the effects of its source material while keeping the style distinct but minimal. Mohair, a silken Angora wool, functions as a great insulator while providing moisture wicking. It also takes on dye well, which makes the dipping aesthetic achievable—and beautiful.

Etiquette Tweed Rib

While Merino wool makes for an ideal material in Etiquette’s Tweed Rib Sock ($36), all the other features are equally important. There’s a thick true ribbing along the sock, making for an elastic fit, and a “stay up comfort cuff” keeps the sock in place. Even the toe seam has been carefully considered, altogether creating a dynamic bordeaux-colored winter specimen.

Norse Projects Vibeke Cashmere

There’s nothing like 100% pure Italian-spun cashmere, and that’s exactly what one gets from Norse Projects’ Vibeke Cashmere Socks ($25). The rich olive green hue also lends a nice woodsy and wintery touch. The Denmark brand is known for their reliability, especially in the outerwear market, and these socks hold up when the temperature is dropping.

Images courtesy of respective brands