New York Design Week’s Exponential Growth

Now stretching across almost the entire month of May, New York Design “Week” has positioned NYC in the global design circuit with force. As Artsy notes, “By the 24th of this month, more than 500 design-related events will take place across New York City—and that’s just the official NYCxDesign calendar.” Design Week has long been centered around the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), but many …

Interview: Norwegian Designer Runa Klock

A deeper look at her engaging pieces and the social aspects behind them, ahead of a WantedDesign group exhibition

“Growth” at Design Pavilion, Astor Place Plaza

Unconventional planters are featured in this outdoor exhibition during NYCxDesign

During the hubbub of NYCxDesign, it’s delightful to unexpectedly walk into a public exhibition in a convenient outdoor location. It’s even more fun when it concerns something as accessible (in price and concept) as planters and vases. Under the Design Pavillon at Astor Place Plaza, “Growth” showcases some beautiful work from designers who take plant holders to the next level. Organized and curated by American …